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Medal is more than just an object... This is the testimony to your hard work

What is RIQQON?

RIQQON is a display frame intended to exhibit a medal in a proper setting. A medal is a symbolic way to honour months or even years of hard work, effort and sacrifice. We refuse to allow an object that is pursued for so long and with such effort to be left one day at the bottom of a drawer or in an old shoe box.

Its modern design and technical solutions convert RIQQON into an aesthetic multimedia frame, worthy of a trophy that is not just received, but that is painstakingly won. Thanks to the individually printed QR code, your RIQQON will tell the story of your struggle and bring back the memories of winning whenever you want.

Why is RIQQON so special?

  • A unique patented design (pending patent application)
  • Easy exhibition of medals
  • The display frame can be hung on any surface
  • The ribbon can be woven in many ways
  • The display frame can be personalized
  • Your individual QR code
  • Shape compliant with most medals
  • s1
  • s2
  • s4
  • s3

Select your RIQQON and expose it
Wherever you want

It will be available in 3 versions (oak tree, walnut tree and cherry tree). Your RIQQON has been designed in such a way that you can hang it on any surface. RIQQON with a medal is an aesthetic and subtle decorative element.



dostępny po 01.2016


dostępny po 01.2016

About us

Tomasz Czarnecki TOM

Ironman, multi-medalist , 10 years cultivating an amateur endurance sports . Engineer (robotics industry) , inventor, owner of several patents, looking for inspiration in everything that surrounds it. Co-founder of mobile robots and innovative agricultural machinery. Happy husband and father.

Łukasz Szymula LUKE

Winner of over 30 sports medals, enthusiastic triathlete, runner, technical wreck diver. As an economist connected with the online sector, he manages the largest performance marketing company in CEE and has co-authored several start-up projects. Married, 2 children.

Our idea on Riqqon

There is a moment in the life of any sports person, even an amateur, when they want to verify their capabilities and fitness. What is left after such tests are medals. The symbolic participation awards and the winning medals for leading positions in competitions. As enthusiasts of sports and rivalry, we know that these trophies often share the fate of forgotten gadgets, abandoned somewhere at the bottom of a drawer. The reason is there are no proper and adequate places to exhibit them. This is why RIQQON came up with an easy solution to store and exhibit the trophies in a dignified and aesthetic way as well as to preserve and share the memories of winning them.

As the creators of this project, we discovered that many of our medals were kept in boxes or in the attics. We wanted to exhibit them, but found no interesting ideas of how to do it. This is why we invented one.

Latest NEWS



We started testing the packaging process and the different delivery solutions of RIQQONs . It’s good! – we need to make some minor modifications and test the quality of cooperation with potential logistics partners

pre-order comming soon

In few days, Polish customers can pre-order Riqqon exclusively at RIQQON shop.

Czytaj Dalej

Let's keep in touch!

If you are interested in a RIQQON , you have any questions - give us a call or write to us. You can find us on many sport events, triathlons and running events.


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